North Carolina Democratic Party Jewish Caucus

This is an open Letter to the Members of Democratic Party of NC, the Jewish Caucus, and other Auxiliaries from Matt Sadinsky:

Fellow Democrats ~ From Generation to Generation – What world are we leaving our children?  ~ If I am only for myself – who am I?

Muslim hatred and Racism are as evil as Jewish hatred. We are all God’s children. What a horrible terrible waste of life, source of pain and crimes against human decency. Given the horror, murder, terror, rape, and kidnapping of friends and family since 10.7.23 in Israel by Hamas in Gaza, I personally want to apologize to the Democrats of NC and members of the Jewish community for the tsouris and tumult that have been written about Party leaders, members, leaders of our Jewish Caucus and me over the past few days. Anti semitism, Racism and HATRED are literally killing us and poisoning generations to come with trauma.

My parents came to America in 1952. They lived long enough to realize how important a democratic, sovereign, Jewish state of Israel is to the safety and security of Jewish People all over the world. My mother was born in Palestine in 1937 with two sisters who grew up near Mt. Carmel barely escaping Nazi Germany. Mom Ruth taught me there is nothing more important than your good name. My father survived the Kovno Ghetto in Lithuania at 13 years old and Dachau. He arrived as a refugee in Palestine in 1947 to help build the nation we know as Israel. He knew what a Jew-hating, Jew-killing Nazi was. It is a lie and an audio fake using AI or some other technology that another Democrat has published about me. This hateful manipulation is one of a dozen forms of harassment by partisans to discredit me, our Caucus, and our community since 2022. Bullies who are successful only get stronger. Help us stop this.

We formed to give members of the Jewish Community good reasons to become active Democrats. The Trump Cult wants back in. I am embarrassed that fellow democrats are attacking me. I argued for years that we cannot solve the enigmas of the Mideast in NC. This noise has distracted us from real threats in NC. We must come together to fight fascism and tyranny in NC. Our time is short and the challenges great. Democracy is burning. But their agenda appears to be different and dangerous.

The Truth – On Jan 18, 2023, a month before the 1st NCDJC convention, in a 17-minute call I sought clarity of intention and answers from the Chair of the Progressive Caucus. I was naïve and thought I knew who I was talking to. I told Ryan Jenkins we saw hate and fascism coming in redistricting, voter suppression, rewriting African American history, removing books from schools, in punishing immigration laws, failing to fund Leandro and education, delays in Medicare expansion, threats to reproductive freedom, the rights of women and the LBGTQ+ community. I asked him to join us in the fight for health care, mental health, and responsible gun ownership. As Jewish Democrats, I shared that we are afraid and called to action to preserve Democracy. NC’s veto-proof one-party Republican State is changing our Constitution one statute at a time. We asked Mr. Jenkins to support us and join us at our Feb. 26, 2023, convention.

We share common goals in almost every arena. I asked Ryan why he and others call Israel an apartheid state? I explained, to most Jews Israel is our homeland and heritage. I sought to understand his and their motivation. Why celebrate NAKBA, a tragedy, the failure of Arab leadership, and reject our own Party platform working towards PEACE? Jenkins told me, Our Positions on Israel are “99% in line with J Street after meeting with their Southeast Director.” Then we called this J Street Director, and learned, “I want to be clear here: I think all three of Nazim’s resolutions are highly problematic and would be whipping support in opposition to them if I were in NC.” We tried to square these facts. I believe that is what led to complaints against me. Mr. Jenkins never called me back.

I thought we were on the same team. Never did I expect he would be taping my conversation and doctoring my words to create CHAOS in the party and in social media. This small squad has launched trick after trick on specific timetables to obstruct us. Before this open letter, we kept quiet. We sought unity and to earn respect. Instead, we learned about another form of hate – the vicious partisan self-serving tactics of a few on the left – inside our own tent. Since June 2022, we have sought to build a team to make the NC Democratic Party stronger. At our 2nd Founding Convention on Oct 15th, 2023, 613 registered, and over 301 voted. We have done everything required to earn Affiliation. We rewrote Bylaws, worked through Committees, and reached out to other Caucuses and all Democrats to share in building a vision for the NC future we want.  We built a caucus of over 400 members – despite bad faith.

On March 1, 2023, we sought affiliation to become the NC Democratic Jewish Caucus (NCDJC) and planned to change our name to the NC Democratic Party Jewish Caucus. On March 2, group in CA (CAIR?) bought pirating our name to Jewish Voice for Peace.  Before the Feb. Dem Party meeting, hateful emails were sent across the SEC referring to grievances. Yet none of the Jewish Caucus members named in the grievances were told about them until June 16, 2023. In March and April anti-Israel Resolutions flew across NC including several pulled when the Rabbis who names were being abused complained to the Party. Other resolutions attacked members of our caucus by name in violation of the Code of Conduct. In Spring, an Interfaith Caucus Jewish Dems subgroup was touted. In Aug. 2023 another grievance was filed against a long time Democrat and just now revealed in October. Harassment continues.

Rabbi Hillel taught: Don ‘t do unto others what you would not like them to do to you. ~ A watchword for every generation.


Personal Statement of Matt Sadinsky – President of NCDPJC