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Jewish Caucus Not Approved for Affiliation
with North Carolina Democratic Party
Vote: 16 Yes, 17 No, 16 Abstained

Statement Regarding the
November 12th NCDP Executive Council Vote

NCDP's Tommy Mattocks' Statement on Jewish Caucus:

Tommy Mattocks

“The North Carolina Democratic Party is a big tent party, united by our shared values. Our Leadership believes in creating safe spaces for our many constituency communities to organize so that they may advocate for the elected officials and policies that most-impact their lives and their beliefs. Despite the procedural issues that caused many of the no-votes during this attempt, we remain committed to helping the Jewish Caucus achieve recognition under the NCDP. We recognize the sinister rise of antisemitism, and we will continue to listen to the voices of our Jewish brothers, sisters, and friends. We stand with them and will fight every day to ensure they feel safe and welcome in North Carolina. Ryan Jenkins doesn’t speak for the party no does his statement reflect an accurate depiction of what occurred.”

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  • Mecklenburg Board of Commissioners Issue a Resolution Supporting Israel and Condemning Terrorism – read the resolution

The NCDJC Mission Statement

The mission of the NC Democratic Jewish Caucus is to add Jewish voices and values to strengthen and unify the NC Democratic Party and elect Democratic candidates to public office at every level.  
The NCDJC Vision – We will pursue our Mission with these goals: 
  • Engage the Jewish community to become more involved in volunteering and supporting Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party. 
  • Be available to the Party and its members to create an atmosphere for respectful conversations and education about the Jewish religion, culture, and history. 
  • Ensure there is no place for antisemitism or any other form of racism, bigotry, or prejudice in the NC Democratic Party.

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