North Carolina Democratic Party Jewish Caucus

Agenda for the Founding Convention of the NC Democratic Jewish Caucus

4 PM  Pre-meeting:  Q & A – Agenda & Rules of the Day – Bylaws – FAQs  

5 PM Matt Sadinsky – call meeting to order & Pledge of Allegiance & Salute to NC

5:05 Convocation –  Rabbi Fred Guttman, Rabbi Emeritus. Temple Emmanuel of Greensboro NC

5:10 Matt Sadinsky – Introduction of Acting Officers – Chapter Presidents – Path to Affiliation

5:15 Declaration of Quorum – John Kibler, Treasurer  

5:20 Adoption of Agenda  

5:30 Adoption of Rules 

5:45 Adoption of Bylaws 

6:15 Brief Recess

6:25 Elect Officers – President – 1st VP, 2nd VP, 3rd VP, Secretary 

6:40 Elect 5 Members of Mediation & Conciliation Committee 

6:50 Strategies & Plans Ahead  

  • Apply for Affiliation with NC Democratic Party  
  • Next Meetings & Events Calendar  
  • Form County & Regional Chapters – Fundraising  
  • Volunteer to work in and on one of the Various Standing Committees of the NCDJC 

7:00 Adjourn & Thanks – Trailing Music  

Speakers by Recording or Live Attendance* 

Caleb Rudow*, NC House Rep #116th Asheville, Buncombe Co.  

Lisa Grafstein, NC State Senate Lucky #13 Wake County 

Wiley Nickel, US House Representatives District “Lucky” #13 – Raleigh, Wake 

Leigh Altman, Mecklenburg County Commissioner At-Large

Kathy Manning, Congresswoman (NC-06)

Deborah Ross, Congresswoman (NC-02)

Josh Stein, NC Attorney General & Candidate for NC Governor  

Mike Morgan*, retired Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of NC and Candidate for NC Governor