North Carolina Democratic Party Jewish Caucus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why should I become a member of the North Carolina Democratic Jewish Caucus?

    The Caucus will be a forum for democratic members of the Jewish Community across the state to leverage resources to promote candidates and policies that align with democratic values and Jewish values, and that reject the politics of hatred, prejudice, bigotry, and division. Furthermore, we will have representation and voting rights on the committees that determine the organization, policies, and operations of the Democratic Party.

  2. Why we formed the NCDPJC?

    As Jewish democrats, we believe the economy should be fair and benefit all Americans. We believe in voting rights, women’s rights, human rights, and social justice. We believe in providing access to affordable health care for all. We believe in providing equal access to education. We believe in saving the planet for future generations. Now is the time to fight for what we believe in.

    Furthermore, we have all read about antisemitic words and acts occurring all over North Carolina and all over the country. Some of us have even experienced them personally. We have all witnessed the mainstreaming of hate speech in our country. All of this came as a surprise to many of us and motivated us to act now to work to elect candidates who are committed to fighting hate speech and hateful acts wherever and to whomever, they are directed.

  3. What are the qualifications for membership in the caucus [See Join Us page for details]?

    To be a member, you must:
    • Identify as being Jewish, or have a personal connection to the Jewish Community
    • Must be registered to vote as a Democrat in North (check here).
    • Must oppose any attempt to hurt or delegitimize any person, or any group of people on the basis of race, religion, color, ethnicity, national identity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, employment, disability, or other protected classes.

    • If you are registered NC Democrat but without a personal Jewish connection, you may join as a non-voting Associate  Member. See join us page for details. 
  4. Does it cost anything to join?

     Beginning in 2025 Membership Dues are $18 ($5 for students and those experiencing hardships). In lieu of dues in 2024 we request you make a voluntary contribution of $18 or more by clicking her: link to ACT BLUE

  5.  What did we do at the Convention?                                                                                                                                                                We adopted bylaws, elected officers, and elected members of the Mediation and Conciliation Committee. This is required by the Democratic Party.
  6. The NCDJC Mission Statement

    The mission of the NC Democratic Jewish Caucus is to add Jewish voices and values to strengthen and unify the NC Democratic Party and elect Democratic candidates to public office at every level.

  7. The NCDJC Vision – We will pursue our Mission with these goals:

    1. Engage the Jewish community to become more involved in volunteering and supporting Democratic candidates and the Democratic
    2. Be available to the Party and its members to create an atmosphere for respectful conversations and
    3. Ensure that there is no place for antisemitism or any other form of racism, bigotry, or prejudice in the NC Democratic Party.

  8. What is our purpose?

Our purpose, as set out in our bylaws, is to facilitate and coordinate efforts to:

    1. Combat antisemitism in all its forms, including delegitimization of the Jewish State of Israel, and all other forms of racism, bigotry, and prejudice, and educate the public about their manifestations.
    2. Articulate Jewish voices, values, and concerns within the North Carolina Democratic Party.
    3. Engage the Jewish community to become more involved in volunteering, registering, and turning out Jewish voters, raising funds, and otherwise supporting the Democratic Party and its candidates.
    4. Educate and create forums for meaningful dialogue with fellow Democrats on issues of importance to Jews.
    5. Provide a forum for Jewish voters to discuss critical issues with elected officials and candidates.
    6. Embrace and inform the Democratic Party’s values of inclusion, respect, and diversity.
    7. Offer venues to discuss and develop resolutions supported across the Democratic Party that support unity and help elect Democrats to local, state, and national offices.
    8. Create strong alliances with other North Carolina Democratic Party affiliated organizations.
    9. Serve as a resource for the North Carolina Democratic Party on issues related to Judaism, and the Jewish community.
    10. Develop, and support county and regional caucuses throughout the State